The media today

Welcome to the world of disruption. In little more than a decade, new media, owned media and social media have reinvented the way information flows through business and society. Traditional media ceded audience share long ago to upstart Web-based outlets for news and information. Brands now produce their own content. Social media is continually rewriting the way people find, consume and share information. Only by coordinating communications in an integrated way across all of these spheres of influence (traditional, new, owned and social) can a charity succeed with its major gifts fundraising.

PR was never easy. But the evolution of the new and old media and other dynamics such as twists in generational difference and tectonic ad spend changes have dramatically altered the media landscape and therefore how a charity can make its story and mission known. The volume, frequency, and diversity of potentially influential voices have transformed “the press” to include a broad, diverse, real-time, and ever-changing group of voices. This blog seeks to monitor and put forth best practices in finding and communicating with the influencers that matter.

A very good summary of the State of the Media in 2011 is here.

A very good website on best practices in Charity Communications in the UK (no equivalent in the US) is here.


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