PR Pros on Twitter | CloudSpark

PR Pros on Twitter | CloudSpark.

Top PR people on Twitter? You can find a dozen public relations expert lists with no real rhyme or reason, in fact many of the lists base their inclusion solely on the frequency of using the PR hashtag. Or the list includes companies who simply promote their work and their clients, but who contribute nothing to conversations or the industry.  Turning to Google Search, other top lists are dated from 2008, and some of those folks aren’t in PR, or have new jobs or aren’t with us anymore. Interesting note, even PRWeek analyzed their so-called Power List and noticed that only 22% of them are actually active on Twitter.  Not so much a “power list” then is it? It’s the Gen X in me, but just because you’re in a senior position doesn’t mean you’re powerful in an industry going through dramatic and very public changes.


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