Getting Published: The Search Marketer’s Guide to PR

Getting Published: The Search Marketer’s Guide to PR – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

Get Found By Columnists

Reaching out to reporters isn’t the only approach. Remember, the reporters need the content as much as we want it to be published.

The journalism industry is struggling. Writers have more responsibility and less time, which creates 70+ work weeks. Often, journalists are looking for ideas and sources to save time. You have an opportunity to be a resource when they’re looking.

  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO): This free service puts reporters in contact with sources. Essentially, the report submits a request for comments and expertise. You can then respond with a request to be included. This is a great way to get your content and experts picked up. But you can’t wait too long. Reporters get tons of responses to HARO so you’ll likely need to respond quickly. The early bird gets the worm. HARO also posts urgent requests via Twitter.
  • Social: Reporters and columnist often request sources through their social channels, specifically via twitter. To do this: First, identify your target audience (e.g., CIO’s). Then identify the experts, reporters and thought leaders in this space. You can often find existing Twitter lists that already have this information. Then, using a monitoring service like Netvibes, Twilert, or Hootsuite to notify you when someone is looking for a source. Often, it will be a last minute request (need an expert on SEO by 5 p.m.) because someone else dropped the ball. But, that’s an opportunity for you to pick it up run to the end zone.

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