How to Write a Press Release in 2013

How to Write a Press Release in 2013 –

Press releases have been a core part of the practice of PR for more than 100 years.  Originally writing a press release was a way to get information to the media.  They were never seen by the public and were not composed as an advertisement. See the PR Content Timeline. The point was to get the media to pay attention to your story and write about it. To do that you had to write a release that had real news value.

Now a press release posted on the wire will be published verbatim on many major websites and could be picked up on smaller news sites and blogs too.  So the purpose of writing a press release today is no longer only to inform the media about a story.  The content does get seen by the public exactly as it is written.  That means the content and the links in the release are in fact owned content, not earned mentions.

Google does not give credit for links you have created yourself. Their algorithm is based on third-party endorsement links, what they call editorial links. As PR people we should understand this approach. Earned media had always been regarded as more valuable than owned or paid precisely because it is third-party endorsement from a source that has no vested interest. A story written by a journalist based off a press release you wrote carries more weight than the same press release published as an ad you paid for – not so?


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