PR and Content Marketing: Made For Each Other

PR News | PR and Content Marketing: Made For Each Other | Crenshaw Communications.

Earlier this year, the Aberdeen Group published a report titled “Publish or Perish:  Content Marketing is the New PR.”  It posits that public relations is being disrupted by the growth of content marketing. As content becomes THE critical tool for brand recognition and credibility, the report implies, it is the new PR.

Content Marketing as New PR Trend

True, content’s kingly status has upended the traditional PR toolbox and even our approach in some sectors.  Adding to the mix, Google’s ongoing algorithm updates have outdated massive link-building in favor of…what else?  High-quality, original, shareable content.

But we’ve witnessed this trend toward a new PR for some time.  It’s been fueled by the contraction of the traditional media universe and the rise of social media, which fosters sharing.  So, although the minority of PRs who are still steeped in traditional tactics might be threatened by the changes, most welcome the new PR.  It’s less a disruption and more of a “quiet revolution” according to Aspectus, which calls PR the “engine room of content marketing.”  Well said….


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