Confessions of a music industry PR – Telegraph

Confessions of a music industry PR – Telegraph.

A press officer occupies a rarefied position in the entertainment world, building a precious bridge between the twin islands of the talent and the journalist. Ultimately, they help bring the music industry to us, the humble consumer.

So used are we to the aggressive marketing and management of brands that it seems odd to think that, not too long ago, the distance between musicians and the outside world was Rizla thin. In those anarchic days, the formidable music press could make or break a release, even bands, with the click of a Remington. Journalists were free to befriend artists, and in doing so they became privy to all sorts of shenanigans. It was up to a manager to control any leak of miscreancy – which he or she often did via a slap on the back and a subtle nod to the cricket bat under the desk. Now, the press department rules the roost, keeping safely under lock and key the juicy inner workings of the music world.

Mike Smith*, 45, has been working in music PR and A&R for 25 years. Here, he reveals some of the whims, tantrums, and face-offs that he has encountered during his career …


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