Whither nanopublishing? — Bull Market — Medium

Whither nanopublishing? — Bull Market — Medium.

I got a fair amount of pushback from small publishers after I declared that “if you’re not getting 20–30 million unique visitors every month, and don’t aspire to such heights, then you’re basically an economic irrelevance”. Rafat Ali and Ben Thompson led the charge. (That’s Thompson’s image, above, from his post“Publishers and the Smiling Curve”.) Here’s the IM conversation I had with Thompson after my article appeared.

Ben Thompson: My basic thesis is that the Internet generally works in favor of the very large and the very small.

Felix Salmon: I agree with you on the very-large end of the spectrum.But my feeling is that the shift from desktop to mobile is bad for both the medium-sized and the small.Because the value of the inbound link is going to steadily deteriorate, in a world where people spend much less time following links and much more time just staying within apps.


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