LinkedIn Editorial: A Missed Opportunity | Monday Note

by Frederic Filloux LinkedIn was poised to become a major player in the business news sector. Instead, the professional social network is stuck with dull editorial content. Let’s see why it let the train pass, preferring to bet on quantity above everything else.   When, in July 2011, LinkedIn hired Dan Roth, everyone in the media industry thought the pro social network was up to something big. Roth came with an impressive resumé: Forbes, Condé Nast’s Portfolio (a great but ill-fated glossy), Wired, then Fortune where he served as managing editor before being poached by LinkedIn. Four years later, Roth snatched Caroline Fairchild, a young, talented writer and editor from Fortune. Again, many thought this was the moment. The trade press, always prompt to draw doomsday scenarios, came up with sensational headlines such as How Dan Roth became the most powerful editor in business publishing (Digiday), or Media Frenemy LinkedIn Raids Fortune, Wall Street Journal for Editors (AdAge). Worrisome indeed. LinkedIn collects almost 100m Uniques Visitors per month, hosts and

Source: LinkedIn Editorial: A Missed Opportunity | Monday Note


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